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Natural Head Lice Remedy. DIY Lice treatment. Safer!

16 March

Natural Head Lice Remedy. Head Lice no longer respond to available chemical and pesticide lice treatments. Head lice have become resistant to pesticide lice treatments. This has created a lot of recent media hype surrounding the term “Super Lice”.  Super lice are simply lice that have adapted to the latest chemicals we have been using to try to get rid of them.

Natural Head Lice Remedy. NitWits. Hands-on Lice and Nit Removal

  • We provide an all-natural, organic and pesticide-free head lice removal treatment for children and families at our family-friendly Belmont office.
  • Clients usually require only one visit to our salon. After the visit, we strongly advise following a simple customized in-home plan that we have created over many years of treating children and families.
  • On average, an appointment lasts one and a half hours.
  • We are always happy to answer any questions clients might have over the phone or via email. Please call us at 617-816-9487, or email us: [email protected]

Natural Head Lice Remedy. Actually using a good metal nit comb such as the OMG Comb is the first step in pesticide-free lice treatment. Not only is the OMG Comb, the only comb out there that does any good, but you can do it yourself. Spending time combing your child’s hair can actually be a pleasant process. A bit of “primate grooming” so to speak that many parents consider quality time with their kids.

You might ask, do we humans get the same lice as other primates? Actually no, although human and primate lice are similar they have changed over the thousands of years they have had to adapt to their specific host. This kind of parasite is known as an obligate parasite, one that specializes in only one specific host. It is thought that head lice differentiated from body lice around the time that humans started wearing clothing.

Natural Head Lice Remedy

Natural Head Lice Remedy

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