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21 March

Lice Olive Oil. Why do we like olive oil as a treatment for head lice? Because lice breathe through little tiny tubes that allow the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The little  tubes are called tubules and are in the exterior shell of the head louse and they are known as spiracles. The louse can open and close the spiracles to prevent water to enter the shell, but olive oil eventually makes it’s way into the spiracles and suffocates the louse. This is why we suggest you massage olive oil into the scalp and leave it in the hair overnight.

Lice Olive Oil. We like olive oil because olive oil has a higher viscosity than other types of cooking oil so it stays in the hair longer, as opposed to dripping out of the hair. This give the olive oil more time to smother and snuff out the head lice.

Lice Olive Oil Now that we know pesticides are no longer able to kill lice, parents are left with the prospect of trying to figure out how to handle super lice. Most parents find this daunting. In an age where Moms are multitasking up the ying yang and barely have time to comb their kid’s hair, head lice can put you right over the edge.

Once you get your hands on an OMG Nit-Free Terminator Lice Comb your problems are solved. The OMG Comb combs out all the nits and dead lice the morning after your olive oil treatments. Wait, you said what? You don’t want to comb out your kid by yourself? You want help? Okay have we got the right place for you! NitWits. Call right now and come and see us today! You will sleep like a baby tonight! Not only that but you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have been given the white glove treatment by Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Service


Lice Olive Oil

OMG Lice Olive Oil

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