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12 March

Lice Nit Removal. You’ve already been to CVS and you’ve already tried the OTC pesticides. You’ve even tried the Rx Lice products, however your child still has lice. Not only that but you feel guilty about putting chemicals on your child’s scalp.

Lice Nit Removal. Feeling overwhelmed by the lack of clear information available about head lice? NitWits was founded by a school & nurse public health expert who decided enough was enough. Our mission is to educate you thoroughly about this annoying, but harmless, pest. We debunk the urban myths, deconstruct the stigma and get you back on the road to sanity.

Lice Nit Removal. Welcome to a lice free world. Yes, you too can join the ranks of families raving about NitWits Award-Winning lice removal treatment protocol. We care about your safety, your sanity and your time. We vow to get you in and out of our NitWits office in less time than our competitors. And we back up our work with a 100% guarantee.  Need more of our safe but effective OMG Nit-Free Terminator Combs? Feel free to stop by our easy-to-get-to Belmont office, or give us a call and we can mail an OMG Comb to you today. Don’t forget about our school nurse special pricing for combs in bulk. Contact us today to stock up on OMG Combs for your families.

Lice Nit Removal

Lice Nit Removal

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