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17 March

Lice Nit Comb. It seems they never left this year.  Our school in Massachusetts is having a lice epidemic that won’t quit. We keep combing out the eggs and the lice but they keep coming back.  What is the best lice treatment?  Are we doing all we can for lice removal?  I try to be the best mom I can be and show that I care for my kids, but this head lice crisis is putting me over the edge.

Lice Nit Comb. With The Best Lice Comb on the Market. The Increasing Importance of Head Lice Prevention. It makes a big difference when you comb out your child’s hair once a month to prevent head lice. This can be very helpful because if your child gets lice, you will notice it right away and it will take less time to treat. Also it is less likely that your child will spread lice to other children.

Why do so many folks get freaked out about head lice? These pesky little bugs do not carry any disease, but they do carry a huge stigma. The stigma implies that you are a bad mommy who never combs your kids hair and never cleans your house. These are all urban myths. Head Lice is manageable and quite common in 2013. You can handle head lice yourself without the use of pesticides. Or call us if you want help. 617-816-9487 [email protected]

Welcome to a lice free worlds. That’s right.  You can finally live knowing that your kids don’t have head lice and they won’t be getting head lice.  Most people are shocked to find out that their child has lice.  They think the best lice treatment is the OTC shampoos.  However, these don’t work.  Instead you can preventatively comb your child out monthly. Or use a comb to treat head lice in the early stages of an infestation.  Which comb is the best lice comb?   OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb. Need Help? Give NitWits a call. We will see you today so you can sleep well tonight!


Lice Nit Comb

Lice Nit Comb

OMG Lice Comb

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