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Lice Home Remedies. Yes you can do it yourself

29 March

Lice Home Remedies. Yes Dorothy you can treat head lice at home without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides. In fact those pesticides you have been thinking about putting on your child’s head don’t work any more. Head Lice are now resistant to pesticide lice shampoos. Some parents still feel like they could use a little help with this whole head lice thing. In that case give us a call at NitWits and we will get you in today. NitWits is Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment facility with the most experienced practitioners in New England. We do it right the first time and we will get to the bottom of your head lice nightmare!

Lice Home Remedies. All you need at your house for DYI lice treatment is olive oil, the OMG Lice Comb and hair conditioner. Put conditioner in the hair and start combing. Keep combing until you don’t see any more pepper spots. Got it? Feeling like head lice are hard to see? You are correct. Head lice have been spending thousands of years developing camouflage to make them hard for you to see.

Lice Home Remedies. Is there head lice in your home? No, head lice is not in your home, only on your kid’s heads. So you can stop vacuuming, stop laundering and stop bagging everything in the house. Those measures would all be great if you kid had body lice. But guess what? Your kid could not possibly have body lice! Body lice has not been seen around here since WWII. So save you precious time for combing out your child’s hair. Relax and take a deep breath. Head lice are harmless. Nobody in your family will get sick from head lice. Aside from the massive stress you are feeling right now, head lice are manageable and not life-threatening.

Lice Home Remedies

Lice Home Remedies

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