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Head Lice Clinic. Nitwits. Sleep like a baby tonight!

08 March

Head Lice Clinic. Welcome to a Lice-Free World! In our wonderful Lice Clinic in Belmont will make sure that you and your family are lice-free! Each one of our head lice practitioners has over 1,000 hours experience treating clients with head lice just like you. When you have head lice you want Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment service by your side. We do head lice. That’s all we do. We’ve been doing head lice for 12 years.

Nitwits Intelligent Lice Treatment is Boston’s first and most experienced head lice treatment service. Founded and operated by school nurse Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH, we stand behind our service every step of the way. Our services come with a 100% GUARANTEE! We want you, our customer to be completely satisfied with your Nitwits experience. Nitwits customers are raving about our highly educational, even entertaining, award-winning video that sets the record straight about head lice. After a trip to Nitwits you will be able to answer these

top 3 head lice FAQs: 1. Where did head lice come from? 2. How long has my child had head lice? 3. Why didn’t the OTC Pesticide shampoo work?

Head Lice Clinic. My daughter wants to have a sleepover birthday party for her seventh birthday but there is Head Lice in her classroom. Should I cancel the sleepover? No don’t cancel the sleepover. Head Lice are not spread by sleepover birthday parties. Head Lice are spread by direct head-to-head contact. Head Lice are picky about where they will travel to find a new host. They will not travel onto inanimate objects where they would dry out, cool down, be away from their food source, and die. Have the party guests bring their own sleeping bags and pillows. Have the girls sleep in a circle on the floor with their feet together, not their heads together. Happy Birthday to your 10 year old daughter!

Head Lice Clinic

Head Lice Clinic

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