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28 March

Hair Lice Nits. Super Lice coming to a town near you? The truth is we live with lots of microbes and parasites and bacteria day in and day out. Most of them do not creep us out the way head lice do. But Moms in particular find head lice to be one of the most stressful and challenging part of being a parent. We call this MLS or Mom Lice Stress. If you have a case of Mom Lice Stress give us a call at NitWits today and we will return you to sanity.

Over the past 12 years NitWits has developed our own specialized head lice removal technique, that removes both the insects and the eggs, and prevents them from coming back.  We focus on education and preventative techniques. We’ve learned that head lice are not viable in carpets, beds, cars, couches, clothing or hats.  So you can stop vacuuming, doing laundry, & bagging stuffed animals.  NitWits saves your valuable time by quickly removing the eggs and bugs from your child’s head, and educating you about this common, but annoying, parasite.

NitWits Founder Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH received a Masters in Public Health at Boston University School of Public Health researching Pesticides and their effects on human health.  We now know that the chemical pesticides used for Head Lice are no longer effective, and possibly toxic.  Our unique focus on education gives you the social, political, military, and natural history of Head Lice. We explain where the extraordinary social stigma about Head Lice comes from. Through our educational program, school nurses and parents, now have access to accurate knowledge, and the proper tools, to effectively and safely manage Head Lice in their communities.

NitWits will present, at no charge, at your next PTO meeting on “Head Lice Management: Best Practices in You School and Community”

Hair Lice Nits. Most parents over age 40 can’t see lice and nits. Head lice have developed clever ways to evade detection by the human eye. Lice have had thousands of years to figure out how to become difficult for us to see them. Their camouflage allows  head lice to continue successfully reproducing from one head to the next.

Hair Lice Nits. What’s the difference between nits and dandruff? The way to tell the difference between Nits and Dandruff is: Blow on it, or Flick it. If it is dandruff will move or blow away, a nit will not move.Try to slide the object in questions off the hair shaft. If it is difficult to slide and you must use your fingernails, it is a nit.

Hair Lice Nits

Hair Lice Nits

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