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Does Hair Dye Kill Lice? Educate yourself at NitWits!

13 March

does hair dye kill lice?  All that parents can find on the internet is lots of conflicting information about whether or not coloring your hair can prevent, or even kill, head lice.  Let’s remember here that head lice are pretty feisty and resilient critters. We have thrown a lot of chemicals at them over thousands of years and the head lice are still with us. Also, just this past August, a study came out indicating that head lice in Massachusetts and 24 other states are highly and genetically resistant to pesticides.


Does Hair Dye Kill Lice?

NitWits in Boston Magazine

does hair dye kill lice? We here at NitWits were just interviewed and featured in a Boston Magazine Story about Super Lice. It is our goal at NitWits to educate and calm down parents about Head Lice. Let’s remember that head lice are not dangerous, head lice do not spread disease and, head lice are not a CDC reportable condition.

Myth: People with color treated hair are less likely to get lice. Fact: We have not seen this to be true. There is the remote possibility that if you have one louse in your hair that has not yet laid any eggs, that louse might be killed by a hair coloring treatment. However once the nits are laid, they are quite bulletproof and they would continue to mature and hatch without problems.  In general head lice do not like adult hair and they do not like men. We see head lice in 20% of Moms and 2% of Dads.

This leads to the question, do head lice come in different colors? In other words, do lice turn brown in brown hair and blond in blond hair? No: head lice do not come in different colors. Head lice are clear like a jellyfish. So when you look into the hair, if you have head lice, you will look right through them. Most of the time you cannot see them with the human eye because they are transparent. This leads to the mistaken idea that lice can change colors, or that lice come in different colors.

Does Hair Dye Kill Lice?

Does Hair Dye Kill Lice?



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