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27 February

Super Lice are Here Now Are you feeling itchy, plagued? Wondering whether or not Super Lice have invaded you family and home? Fear not, help is on the way! Let’s remember that the concept of Super Lice is not a novel idea. Lice that are pesticide-resistant have been around for years. What are being called “Super Lice” are actually just the same old head lice who have been driving Moms crazy for decades.

Super Lice are Here Now. In connection with research released last summer, it has been reaffirmed that super lice, or lice highly resistant to pesticides, have indeed arrived in New England. Although we have known for years that lice treatments containing pesticides no longer work on head lice.

Super Lice are Here Now. Super Lice: Fact or Fiction? Is there a new strain of ultra resistant, ultra resiliant head lice that are almost impossible to get rid of? Super Lice are an urban myth. Lice have survived for millennia by being able to adapt (& develop resistance) to the many hostile head lice removal treatments that we humans have thrown at them. This includes the current array of pesticide shampoos available. However, people keep using pesticide shampoos which are ineffective on lice and, possibly, toxic to humans. This gives regular old head lice plenty of time to reproduce, prosper and thrive, giving them the appearance of being Super!

So what are terrified parents to do about the scourge of the super lice that are hard to treat? Treatment for head lice is not Rocket Science. All you need is information about how head lice reproduce and where the stigma associated with head lice comes from. Then you need a good lice comb. What is the best and most effective lice comb out there? In fact what is the ONLY LICE COMB USED AT NITWITS? The OMG Lice Comb, made in Argentina, gets out all the lice and nits. Don’t know where to pick up an OMG Lice Comb? Come on over to our NitWits office and you can pick one up today!


Super Lice are Here Now

Super Lice are Here Now

Super Lice are Here Now

Super Lice are Here Now

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