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06 February

olive oil head lice treatment over 12 years of treating clients and researching the best ways to treat head lice we have found that olive oil is a good option for smothering and killing head lice.

olive oil head lice treatment How does Olive Oil kill Head Lice? Olive Oil kills Lice by clogging their breathing tubes. My grandmother used to put olive oil on my Mom’s hair when she had Head Lice back in the 1930’s. Colonial American Settlers used beef tallow to treat head lice. We recommend you treat Head Lice without pesticides.

olive oil head lice treatment Do a preventative comb-out before and after traveling. 2. Sleep with olive oil in your hair one night as a lice preventative. 3. Relax and take a deep breath. Lice is not the end of the world! Oh, and remember that the best lice treatment for head lice removal treatment success involves combing with a good metal nit comb.

1.Ignore your house and focus on combing your child’s hair. 2.Ignore the chemical shampoos and use only olive oil or hair conditioner. 3.Ignore those who say you are a terrible mom and recognize getting a case of head lice is normal.

Holy Cow. It’s midnight and I just discovered lice on my kid’s head. What do I do? First of all take a deep breath. Second, do not go to the store and buy lice shampoo, it doesn’t work. Third, saturate your child’s scalp in olive oil and put your child to bed. Head Lice are manageable and they are not life threatening. If you need more advice, give us a call 617-816-9487

Head Lice is a nuisance but not a public health threat. Head Lice don’t carry any diseases. We still don’t like the idea of bugs taking up non-consensual residence in our hair. In fact it bothers women way more than it bothers men. You can keep head lice at bay by sleeping with olive oil in your hair once a month. for more info Email: [email protected]

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olive oil head lice treatment

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