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Lice what to do when the Lice Letter comes home from school

18 February

lice what to do. Extra extra read all about it, pesticides for lice no longer work. The first thing parents do is they run out to the pharmacy for lice shampoo. This is your first mistake. A better option is to head over to NitWits in Belmont for an OMG Lice Comb, that way you can treat lice easily and effectively without chemicals. Don’t feel like taking care of lice yourself at home? Then give us a call at NitWits for a same-day appointment. We will take care of it for you and educate you about head lice prevention at the same time!

lice what to do. Go to your local hardware store and get a 2 padlocks. One for your vacuum cleaner and one for your washer/dryer. Did I hear you correctly? That’s right I said lock up your cleaning tools and get to work on your child’s head. Head lice are not in your house or bed or clothing or stuffed animals. Think about how much time you can save by not worrying about all of that housework!

lice what to do. Get settled in for some real primate bonding time with your kids. Put on a DVD, get some ice cream and cookies and slow down enough to spend some quality time combing your child’s hair. Not only do you want to use the OMG Comb, but you also want to put a bit of hair conditioner into the hair and massage it into the scalp. The hair conditioner allows the comb to glide smoothly through the hair and helps prevent tangles. The hair conditioner also smothers the lice and allows the OMG Comb to cleanly pull the lice and the nits out of the hair. When you finish combing your child’s hair, your child will be lice-free and nit-free, and your sanity will have returned!

lice what to do

lice what to do

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