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Lice Myths What parents need to know

12 February

Lice Myths Lice myth number one: Myth: Head Lice are in your home. Fact: Head lice are not in your home, only on your child’s scalp. Head lice are unable to survive off a nice warm human scalp. Also there is no food if a louse leaves your head. Everything a human head louse needs for survival is located in only one place on the planet. That one place is the human scalp. A louse would be crazy to leave your nice warm scalp to travel to an inanimate object, unless of course another nice warm scalp were to be right next to it. In that case the louse might just decide to travel to the second scalp. Head Lice do not ever choose to travel to an inanimate object, since clothing, bedding and furniture are too cold, too dry and lack food for a louse.

Lice Myths Lice Myth number two: Myth: OTC and Rx Lice Treatments get rid of head lice in one or two treatments. Fact: Head lice have developed resistance to available pesticide lice treatments, rendering the OTC and Rx lice treatments ineffective.

Lice Myths. Myth number three: Myth: head lice are a public health issue. Fact: No, head lice today have nothing to do with public health, cleanliness or epidemics. Those descriptions all pertain to Body Lice, a genetically distinct (different DNA) insect from Head Lice. Head lice do not cause any medical problems or illnesses. In addition head lice do not carry any bacteria, viruses or transmissible diseases. In fact head lice are not a CDC reportable condition.

Myths abound about head lice removal treatment. To learn more about the annoying, but harmless, successful human parasite called head lice, drop on by to Nitwits in Cambridge. “We will Outwit Your Nits” in no time and return you to sanity! www.liceinfo.net

Lice Myths

Lice Myths

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