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Lice Treatment Removal Information in Boston Area

how to get rid of lice at home remedies

09 February

how to get rid of lice at home remedies. Once you get your hands on the OMG comb your head lice treatment challenge is a piece of cake. That’s right folks. Head lice treatment without pesticides is not rocket science. In fact pesticides are no longer effective in the the treatment of head lice. Come on over to NitWits to learn how to properly use the OMG comb. Or pick up an OMG comb and you can treat lice yourself at home.

how to get rid of lice at home remedies. Stop and do not run to CVS to buy up the whole aisle of lice products. You can take care of your head lice problem in the privacy of your own home. Do not be dismayed when you google lice treatment to find hundreds of confusing bits of conflicting information. Lots of companies try to sell you head lice products that are ineffective, expensive and, possibly harmful. Most head lice treatments contain pesticides that are normally used for agricultural pests. You probably do not want to use these powerful chemicals on your, or your children’s, scalps.

What is a parent supposed to do in the terror of the moment when they discover head lice on their child’s scalp? Vinegar, vaseline, mayonnaise or butter are all incredibly messy and difficult to wash out of your child’s hair. You don’t need any of these products to get rid of lice. Simply one inexpensive comb and the correct technique for how to use it. Because the bottom line with lice removal is that you need to remove all of the lice eggs along with the lice. If you do not remove all of the head lice eggs, which are called nits, then the nits will continue to hatch and start up lice colonies once again on your child’s head.


how to get rid of lice at home remedies

how to get rid of lice at home remedies

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