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how do you get lice? The answer is not what you thought

16 February

how do you get lice? Let’s put our heads together to try to think about how to rid our children and our community of head lice. The first step of course is to learn more about how you and your children contracted head lice in the first place. It doesn’t help to try to identify the “one” child who brought head lice into the school or your child’s classroom. Here is what we have learned over the past 12 years of dealing with head lice every day: You can’t control what other parents do in regards to treating their kids for lice or managing head lice. Therefore you need to arm yourself with the OMG Lice Comb

how do you get lice? It helps if you are a school aged child from the ages of 3-15. Normal behavior for this age group is putting their heads together multiple times each day and lots of cuddling. Head lice also like the fact that this age group has warmer scalps and more hair than most adults. This means that the scalp of a child is a much more appealing environment for head lice. Head lice gravitate towards the scalps of children.

As an adult the only way for you to acquire head lice is to curl up with a 9 year old child who has had head lice for 3 months and read a book to them. Your heads must be in contact for about a half an hour for the lice to take an interest in your scalp.

In addition head lice do not like most adults. So even if you do curl up with your child every night to read a book, the head lice may find you not to their liking. Head lice are not fond of adult men at all. For one reason male adults often have thinning hair, or no hair.


how do you get lice?

how do you get lice?

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