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20 February

home remedies lice. Yes Dorothy you can treat head lice at home, and safely. Wow, that is news to most parents who find themselves googling head lice and being bombarded with a plethora of conflicting information. No wonder parents are tearing their hair out trying to figure out what to do about head lice! Parents also find themselves heavily targeted by advertising trying to get them to buy lice shampoo products laden with pesticides. Not only are pesticides ineffective for head lice removal, they are also possibly dangerous. Parents loath the idea of putting toxic chemicals on their child’s head. So what other options do parents have when it comes to head lice?

home remedies lice

home remedies lice

Massachusetts is one of the states in which head lice developed a high level of resistance to the most common treatments recommended by doctors: 

home remedies lice. In order to treat lice at home all you need is a good metal nit comb and some hair conditioner.

home remedies lice. Why don’t I need to clean my house from top to bottom when my child gets lice? Because “head lice urban myth #1” is completely inaccurate. Once you understand the natural history and life cycle of the human head louse, you learn that the whole life cycle of the head louse takes place within an inch of your scalp. This means that no self-preserving head louse, in their right mind, would ever leave a human scalp in order to wait around on an inanimate object for another host to come along.

Head lice have been human parasites for hundreds of thousands of years. During that time head lice have had to figure out how to stay with their only food source 24/7. This means that head lice need to be on your scalp, (not in your scalp: they don’t burrow!) 24/7. The only time a louse would ever think about leaving your scalp would be if another scalp is right next to your scalp, in fact touching your scalp. And that other scalp would need to be touching your scalp for about half an hour in order for a head louse to take interest and travel over that new other scalp.

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