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Head Lice and Delusional Parasitosis. NitWits is the answer

07 February

Head lice and Delusional Parasitosis. Can’t stop that itching feeling? Can’t sleep at night? Feel like things are crawling in your hair? Yep, you’ve got a healthy case of delusional parasitosis. You probably don’t have head lice, but just the mention of the words gets you imagining that critters are non-consensually inhabiting your scalp, your body, your house!

Head lice and Delusional Parasitosis. Some people can actually end up being hospitalized for delusional parasitosis, but your probably don’t have a case that is that bad. Most likely you started to develop symptoms when you first started to learn about head lice. Maybe that first lice letter home from the school nurse. Soon your mind took off on its own and you became more and more convinced that you had lice. For some reason you could not stop thinking that you had lice day and night.

Head lice and Delusional Parasitosis. Parenting is stressful enough as it is, without thinking that you have unwittingly contracted a case of a parasite you know nothing about. There is a great deal of medical literature on Delusional Parasitosis, most of it referring to the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of severely mentally ill individuals. However, most parents we see in our NitWits office have experienced a touch of these symptoms. We are here to reassure you that most likely you do not have head lice. We see head lice in 20% of mothers and 5% of fathers. Whereas we see head lice in 1% of grandparents. Head lice do not seem to like adults, and in particular, do not like men.

Perhaps head lice do not like men because men tend to have shorter hair or no hair at all. Indeed once a person has no hair or is bald, the human head lice has no environment in which to feed, breed and lay eggs.

Head lice and Delusional Parasitosis

Head lice and Delusional Parasitosis

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