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get rid lice home remedies For lice help now call NitWits

03 February

get rid lice home remedies. Feeling persecuted by pesky head lice? Ready to throw in the towel because you can’t seem to get head lice out of your kids hair? There is a solution close at hand and it is very doable. With the OMG Lice Comb and a few simple steps you too can treat head lice at home without the use of possibly toxic pesticides.

get rid lice home remedies. Simply place conditioner in the hair and then start combing with the OMG Comb. Comb twice a week with conditioner and once a week with olive oil for a month. By the end of the month you should have removed all of the lice and nits. By the end of the month you will have crashed the lice colony.

get rid lice home remedies. The key to ending lice is to actually get all of the nits out of the hair. The OMG Comb has microgrooves in the teeth of the comb which strip the nits off of the hair shaft. Once a nit has become disconnected it is no longer viable. Because nits need to incubate and hatch 1/8 inch from the surface of the scalp.1/8 inch from the surface of the scalp is where the perfect temperature exists for incubation and feeding and breeding for the human head louse.

The nit can not reattach itself to the human hair shaft once it has been disconnected. Because the female louse only lays down the nit glue once during the laying process. Once the nit has been laid, the nit glue hardens and keeps the nit firmly placed near the scalp on the shaft. However a disconnected nit cannot reattach itself to the hair shaft and it will not survive, since it will now be combed or rinsed out of the hair. Once the nit is away from the scalp it starts to dehydrate and experience hypothermia, leading to its death.

get rid lice home remedies

get rid lice home remedies

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