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children with lice

25 February

children with lice. Last week during February vacation my sister uninvited me and my family to her ski house in Vermont, because my kids have lice. What should I do?  She wants us to stay in a hotel so her kids don’t get lice. First of all call NitWits right now for an appointment today for safe head lice removal treatment to get your family lice-free in one day.  Order the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb and comb the kids out. Feel like you need help? Bring the kids to the NitWits Office in Belmont and we will do the combing out for you. We guarantee you will sleep better tonight!

children with lice. We are talking about head lice stigma here folks. Lice stigma is alive and well in 2016. Lice stigma implies that you live in a run down house with a dirt floor. Lice stigma implies that you never bathe or touch your children. Lice stigma implies that you never clean your house. Lice stigma implies that you are a bad Mommy. However, none of these are true.

children with lice. first of all head lice are not in your house and have nothing to do with whether or not your children bathe 7 days a week or 3 days a week. Secondly, all of the hype about lice stigma is really associated with body lice, not head lice. Your children do not have body lice.

So you can stop cleaning the house. Stop throwing out all of your pillows. Stop sending the drapes to the dry cleaners. None of these measures has anything to do with treating or preventing head lice. By the time parents get to NitWits, they are beyond frazzled and exhausted because they have been frantically cleaning their homes. Meanwhile their kids still have head lice and they can’t figure out what they are doing wrong.

Got questions about head lice? NitWits has the answers you have been looking for. We focus on education and treatment. When you leave our office you will completely understand lice stigma, lice treatment, lice history, lice resistance to pesticides, etc.

children with lice

children with lice


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