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Why do we get head lice. Brilliant Ideas for Lice Removal

06 January

why do we get head lice?   Lice have been riding along on human heads for thousands of years. Like other obligate parasites, lice are highly specialized to occupy a single niche in the environmental panoply. That single niche is – you guessed it – the human scalp. This means that lice are not interested in dog fur, or guinea pig fur or squirrel fur, or even gorilla hair.

Head lice have cleverly adapted over time to fit perfectly into our lives. Lice like human blood from human scalp skin From a head louse perspective the human hair shaft is the perfect place to lay eggs.

Why do we get head lice, and how do we get rid of head lice now that we have it? Here is the one and only Brilliant Idea for Lice Removal. All you need is an OMG Lice Comb and some simple information about the life cycle of head lice to be able to treat lice at home successfully. Finding our your child has head lice is overwhelming for any parent. There is an overload of information (much of it conflicting and/or incorrect) given by school, pediatricians and the internet, so it is easy to freak out.

Take a deep breath, and call NitWits. It is totally worth going to them for the excellent highly rated services they provide, as well as the absolute peace of mind you will leave with. Getting parents educated about how a lice infestation really needs to be handled is one of the best things NitWits does. No chemicals are used at NitWits and their products are gentle and all natural. NitWits is a very kid friendly business with coloring supplies, movies, and ice cream. Most kids don’t want to leave the NitWits office, in fact several client’s kids have even asked if they could return to have their Birthday Party at our NitWits office!!


Why do we get head lice

Why do we get head lice

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