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09 January

what to do with lice. Place OMG Conditioner Solution in the Hair. Comb through the hair with the OMG Lice Comb. Wipe comb on paper towel. Throw paper towel in trash. Got it? Yes folks it is that simple. Treating head lice is not rocket science. Nor is there a magic bullet that you can swallow to get rid of lice in 5 minutes. Most visits to NitWits are about an hour and a half and then you are on your way and the peace of mind will come to a shock to you after weeks of no sleep and trying to look for nits in your own hair. In fact we see lots of Moms who have treated their kids for lice but who need the services of a professional expert to make sure they don’t have lice too.

what to do with lice. What is the most common comment we hear from Moms? “My husband/partner cannot check my head for lice!” Perhaps men really are wired differently in terms of being able to check for lice!  It has been suggested that the evolutionary development of the male hand is associated with the ability to make a fist and deliver punches, while female hands developed to be advantageous for fine motor skills.

what to do with lice. Here is a fantastic photo of Seda yesterday in the NitWits office doing a fabulous job with a happy NitWits client.  Why was this Mom so happy? Because Seda got rid of her head lice lickety split!! Mom went home and had the first night of good sleep she had had in a month. Ahh….The best peace of mind! That’s right, Your Peace of Mind is Worth it. You work hard being a good Mom. When lice hits you suddenly feel like a bad Mom. Once you come to NitWits and become a Mom educated about head lice, you will feel like a great Mom once again!

what to do with lice

At work in the NitWits office

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