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14 January

nit picking lice. 5 more days to see this fantastic show at the MFA Boston Entitled Class Distinctions Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer. In which we see evidence that head lice were alive and well 363 years ago in this 1653 painting by Gerard Ter Borch. We see a woman picking lice and nits out of a child’s hair.

nit picking lice.It is interesting that the theme of the MFA exhibit is about class and the different classes of people in the mid-17th century in Holland. At that time there was a huge economic boom and expanding middle class. We know that all classes of people had head lice at the time. What we don’t know is whether or not there was such a strong social stigma about lice.

nit picking lice We believe the strong social stigma about lice in the US in 2016 is very closely associated with social class rankings. People who get lice are terrified it is an indication that they are in a lower class of people. We like to think of nitpicking as the second oldest profession, since humans have been picking lice out of one another’s hair for thousands of years. Parents often ask us “where did my child get lice from?” Your child got lice from their friend who got lice from their friend who got lice from their friend. This pass-it-along survival strategy has worked for head lice for centuries. Most parents have forgotten the lost art of NitPicking. However, we at NitWits know everything about head lice, we live and breath head lice 7 days a week. We specialize in one parasite and one parasite only and that parasite is head lice. Once you come to see us you will quickly regain your sanity and your peace of mind. Parents often tell us they had the best night of sleep they had had in weeks, after coming to NitWits.

nit picking lice

nit picking lice

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