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life cycle lice is 30 days and a parent’s worst nightmare.

08 January

life cycle lice. Now that head lice have become resistant to chemical treatments in the United States, parents are scratching their heads in search of how to deal with the stressful situation that arises when their kids get lice. It turns out that the solution to head lice problems is the OMG Lice Comb. Put some conditioner on your child’s hair and start combing!

life cycle lice. The head lice life cycle lasts for 30 days. During that period of time a female louse can lay 10 eggs a day for 10 days. The eggs are attached to the hair shaft with superglue that effectively keeps the eggs on the hair shaft near the scalp so the eggs can hatch in 7 days. This keeps the lice eggs, known as nits, at the perfect temperature to incubate until hatching.

life cycle lice. Once the nit hatches the baby louse, known as a nymph, goes through 3 molts for 10 days becoming more mature with each molt. Once mature,  a female louse must mate with a male louse once and then she can start laying eggs. The math tells us that the exponential increase in nits and lice on any given scalp can lead to a case of lice known as “loaded”. Since the majority of people who get head lice never have any itching or other symptoms, your child can have lice for 6 months and not know it.

Head lice are specific to humans, in particular human heads. Head lice have adapted to the unique environment of the human hair and scalp. The whole life cycle of the human head louse takes place within 1/2 inch of the surface of the scalp. Feeding, breeding, egg laying and maturing throughout the 30 day life cycle.  Why go anywhere else. In fact head lice are quite picky about moving on to new hosts. The new host has to be perfect! Want to learn more? www.liceinfo.net

life cycle lice

life cycle lice

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