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07 January

lice pictures. How come head lice are so hard to see. My school nurse told me that she had been a school nurse for 7 years and she had never seen a live louse. She had certainly seen plenty of nits in her time, but no lice.

lice pictures. It turns out that lice are masters of deceit. For millennia, lice have honed their ability to evade detection by the human eye. What are the top two modes of camouflage that lice use to evade detection by the human eye? The first is an invisibility cloak, used throughout nature to hide from predators. That’s right, head lice are totally transparent, much like clear jellyfish. Lice only turn brown when they start to die. In the photograph below you can see a blood meal in the intestines of the louse. The intestines are usually the only thing visible in a live louse, the rest of the louse body is see-through. So when you are looking through the hair for live bugs you are very unlikely to ever see one, unless your child has had head lice for 4 months or longer.

lice pictures. The second mode of camouflage that lice use is for their eggs. When an adult pregnant female louse lays an egg, or a nit, on the hair shaft, she does not want that nit to be removed until it hatches successfully. The best way to prevent nits from being removed is to make them invisible as well. One of the best invisibility strategy used by insects in nature is iridescence. That’s right, the female louse is able to lay eggs that have an iridescent coating on the outer surface of the nit shell casing. This means that when you are looking through the hair, you may not see the nit because it is able to reflect light in ways that make it invisible to the human eye.

lice pictures

lice pictures

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