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16 December
treat nits can you believe it? The chemical lice treatments for head lice don't work. You can however very effectively treat the lice and their eggs by using a combing method developed by NitWits in Belmont.

treat nits. First you take conditioner and place it in the hair. Then you take the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb and comb through the hair. When you wipe the comb on a paper towel you will see pepper spots. Keep combing until there are no more pepper spots.

The chlorine in a swimming pool does not bother head lice. Lice are waterproof and their eggs or nits are also waterproof and immune to chlorine and water. The best head lice removal treatment is combing out the hair.

And stop vacuuming and bagging. Lice don’t live on inanimate subjects such as couches, car seats or carpets. Head lice need frequent blood meals, found only on the human scalp, so head lice are very reluctant, and very unlikely, to leave the nice warm environment of the human scalp. Effective head lice removal treatment involves removal of nits and lice from the human scalp, rather than the home.

What exactly is Nitpicking? Nitpicking is literally picking the nits (lice eggs) out of someone’s hair when they have head lice. Removing the nits from the hair shafts is the only head lice removal treatment that can stop head lice dead in it’s tracks, and guarantee that you have completely eradicated head lice from the person who is infested with lice. Nitpicking takes time. In our fast paced lives it is often difficult for parents to slow down, or have the time, to thoroughly nitpick their children’s heads. Fortunately there are now reliable, highly respected professional nitpickers who can nitpick for you, saving your time and your sanity! NitWits in Cambridge, voted Best of Boston! Most appointments are only 1-2 hours.  Call right now for a same-day appointment. Your peace of mind is worth it.  627-816-9487.  www.liceinfo.net

My child has 300 nits and 26 lice. How long has she had head lice? Your daughter has had head lice for 2 months.  It takes several weeks for a successful head lice infestation to ramp up. For an effective head lice removal treatment, apply hair conditioner and comb hair with the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb

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