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tea tree oil lice does it work

05 December

tea tree oil lice does it work. We have certainly seen families who have tried to use tea tree oil on their children’s scalps to get rid of lice. However one mom we saw used 100% pure tea tree oil and it actually burned her kids scalps, so we don’t recommend pure tea tree oil. Pure tea tree oil is very strong and very caustic and can cause burns. Although there is anecdotal evidence that tea tree oil has some preventative properties when it comes to lice, we have seen many families who have used tea tree oil, who still end up getting lice. Many families use hair sprays containing tea tree oil and couch spray and bed spray, however none of these products do anything to kill lice. So save your money and instead purchase the best lice comb we have ever seen The OMG Lice Comb

tea tree oil lice. Any kind of oil will make your hair less interesting to head lice. Oil makes the hair difficult to walk on and to lay eggs on. In fact you use the OMG Comb with olive oil to comb out the lice and nits. Why do parents try to put different kinds of oil in their children’s hair to kill lice? Because first parents try the pesticide shampoos and find that their kids still have lice because the pesticide shampoos do not work on lice.

tea tree oil lice. You cannot treat an active head lice case with tea tree oil because tea tree oil, olive oil, baby oil, motor oil, any oil will not penetrate the nearly bulletproof nits or lice eggs. The nits have a hard shell encasing the growing baby louse, and nothing passes through the nit shell. Therefore the only way to treat lice is to comb with a good metal nit comb. What is the best good metal nit comb out there? The OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb.

tea tree oil lice

tea tree oil lice

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