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One lice

02 December

One lice is called a louse. Sort of like mice and mouse. However if you have lice eggs those are called nits. You can get rid of lice and nits with a good metal nit comb but not with lice shampoo. Lice shampoo doesn’t work any more, because the head lice have developed resistance to the shampoos. It was discovered by Dr. Kyong Sup Yoon that head lice have mutated on a genetic level to be able to resist pesticide lice treatments containing the pesticide permethrin.

One lice and ten nits. How long have I had lice? You have had lice for 1 week at the most. An adult pregnant female head louse has traveled to your scalp and started laying eggs. She lays up to 10 eggs a day for 10 days and then she dies. The eggs take a week to hatch.

One lice is known as a louse.

One lice

One lice

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