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nitpicking lice

22 December

nitpicking lice. We call nitpicking the second oldest profession. People have been picking lice and nits out of other people’s hair for thousands of years and yet head lice persist right now in 2015.  Will head lice ever go away? Lice, like other successful obligate parasites are very good at adapting to the current obstacles we try to throw in their way. So the current battery of pesticide lice treatments do not work because lice have developed resistance to these chemicals.

nitpicking lice. Nitpicking is great, but inefficient and incredibly time consuming. We humans are not always able to see and get every nit. That is where the OMG Comb comes in.  The OMG Comb catches the nits you missed when you were nitpicking. Not only that but combing with the OMG Comb take 25% to 30% of the time it takes to nitpick. In today’s world where parents barely have time to exhale, this is a significant development!!

nitpicking lice. why are lice thriving in 2015? Because most people never have a single symptom!  folks it was body lice, another bug, that destroyed napoleon’s grande armee and determined the outcome of countless military battles during the last century



nitpicking lice

nitpicking lice


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