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08 December

nit lice how can I tell where the nits are? How do I even know if what I am seeing are nits? The photo here is a photo of a hair cast, not a nit and not head lice. Differentiating between various small specks seen in the hair and on the scalp can be very difficult for parents who are not trained in the identification of nits and lice. Other items found in the hair of children include roof gravel, leaf parts, glitter, sand, cradle cap and lint.

nit lice. Parents will find that they are able to save time and money by hiring lice experts who work with lice all the time. NitWits is Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Service. However if you want to do it yourself, grab an OMG Lice Comb and we will teach you what to do

For thousands of years head lice and nits have been able to elude human detection long enough to be able to send out satellite lice to new hosts to continue the propagation of the species. Those many millennia have given head lice plenty of time to adapt and mutate and develop excellent forms of camouflage that make detecting the presence of head lice incredibly difficult. Most adults can not see lice and if you miss a few nits, you give the lice the opportunity to start up a whole new lice colony all over again.  All it takes is missing a couple of nits. When those nits hatch they can mate and then the female will start to lay more eggs after about 2 weeks. It takes only 6 days for the eggs to hatch and add more lice.

nit lice

nit lice

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