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Mayonnaise and lice for peace of mind call nitwits today

21 December

Mayonnaise and lice. Although mayonnaise can be effective in suffocating head lice and nits, a recent tragic case in Springfield MA illustrates that using mayonnaise on very young children can be dangerous, even fatal. It was not the mayonnaise that killed the toddler in this case, but the careless use of a plastic shopping bag that was placed over the toddler’s head, suffocating her. We recommend that you use conditioner or olive oil to suffocate the lice and nits, as mayonnaise can be messy. Since mayonnaise is a food product, it can develop a foul odor if left on the head over night.

Mayonnaise and lice. Your child may smell like cold slaw or salad dressing because of the vinegar or lemon juice contained in mayonnaise. The reason mayonnaise is effective in head lice treatment is because of the oils contained in the mayonnaise. Any kind of oil will smother and start to kill head lice and their eggs. Olive oil or canola oil are not as messy as mayonnaise, and we recommend you try one of these two oils rather than mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise and lice. Once you have suffocated the lice and nits, it is time to pull them out of the hair. The OMG Comb is your best bet for getting all of the nits out of the hair. What is the difference between olive oil, pesticide lice shampoos and combing with a metal nit comb?  Olive oil is useful in treating lice because the lice breath through tubules in their shells called spiracles.  Olive oil clogs the spiracles depriving the lice of oxygen which smothers them. Pesticide lice shampoos were effective when they were first introduced over ten years ago.  Now, however lice have developed resistance to the pesticides in the shampoos, rendering them ineffective.  Combing with a good metal nit comb is effective because it can strip the lice eggs (nits) off of the hair shaft.  Olive oil and pesticide shampoos do nothing to kill nits.

Mayonnaise and lice

Mayonnaise and lice


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