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10 December

lice nit image. Nits are very difficult for the human eye to see. If you comb them out of the hair with the OMG Comb and put them on a paper towel they will appear as in the image below. The nits look like sesame seeds. Nits are always the same size and shape. As a nit matures with a baby louse inside the nit itself does not increase in size, just the baby louse inside of shell of the nit. At the top of each nit there are tiny holes that allow oxygen to get to the developing louse. Applying OMG Conditioner to the hair will begin the process of starving the nit of oxygen. The OMG Conditioner smothers the nit and does not allow any oxygen to pass through  the top of the nit.

lice nit image. Nits have been found in the hair of 8 thousand year old mummies in south america. lice nit image.  My child keeps getting lice over and over again. Every time I treat her the lice seem to go away. Then a month later, they are back. What am I doing wrong? If you don’t get every single last nit (lice egg), then the head lice colony will start up all over again. Pesticide shampoos are not effective. You must comb with a good metal nit comb to get all the nits out.

What’s the difference between nits and dandruff? The best way to tell the difference between Nits and Dandruff is: Blow on it, or Flick it. If it is dandruff will move or blow away, a nit will not move.Try to slide the object in questions off the hair shaft. If it is difficult to slide and you must use your fingernails, it is a nit.

lice nit image

lice nit image

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