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19 December

lice myth Myth: You need to clean your whole house and launder all of your clothing and bag all of your stuffed animals. Fact: All of the house cleaning associated with head lice is for the wrong bug. All the cleaning would only be appropriate if you child has bedbugs, fleas or body lice. However your child does not have bedbugs, fleas or body lice, your child only has head lice which is a genetically different parasite from bedbugs, fleas or body lice. Head Lice only live in one place on the planet. The human scalp. This means head lice are not on your couches, car seats, towels, clothing or stuffed animals. Relax and take a deep breath, head lice are manageable.

Lice Myth. Myth: Pesticide lice shampoos are an effective treatment for head lice. Fact: Pesticide lice shampoos no longer work to eradicate head lice because head lice have become resistant to the pesticides contained in the lice shampoos. The most effective way to treat head lice is to comb them out with the OMG Lice Comb. The OMG Lice Comb effectively removes lice from the hair and it shaves the lice eggs off of the hair shaft.

Lice Myth. Myth: Head lice can jump. Fact: Head lice have no hind legs to jump with. Head lice have six legs near their head that are excellent for crawling, but not for jumping. It is a common urban myth that head lice can jump from head to head. This confuses parents and teachers in the school setting. You really need to get close to another person and have your heads touching directly for about 30 minutes to transmit head lice. So giving someone with head lice a quick hug will not expose you to head lice. Relax and take a deep breath head lice are manageable.

Lice Myth

Head lice can not jump

Lice Myth

3 Most Common Lice Myths

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