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24 December

lice life cycle. The life cycle of the human head louse lasts for 30 days during which time a female louse can lay 100 eggs.

lice life cycle. Relax and take a deep breath. Head lice do not cause or transmit any disease. Contrary to popular belief, Head lice are not actually a public health problem.

lice life cycle. What do I do with coats and hats? Relax!  Your coats and hats are safe! Lice don’t like coats or hats, they hold onto hair when you are taking off your hat. Lice don’t “fall” out of hair, their specialized claws are designed to grip tightly to the hair shaft. Any environment off a human scalp is too cold and too dry for head lice. Their whole life cycle takes place within 1 inch of the scalp.  They never need to leave unless another ideal host comes along.

Guess What? The good news is you don’t have lice in your house. The only lice you have to worry about in 2015 are Head Lice and they are called head lice because they live on heads, not in houses. The complete lifecycle of head lice takes place within 1/8 inch of your scalp. Why would a head louse in her right mind ever want to leave a nice warm scalp, where a louse can find food, shelter, mates and a place to lay eggs? So don’t waste time doing housework when you could be focusing on your child’s scalp where the real head lice removal treatment action should be happening.

Where did Head Lice come from? Head Lice have evolved with humans. We have brought lice with us ever since we were prehistoric humans. Head Lice are successful parasites. They understand the mantra “adapt or die”, so they have been able to adapt as we try to get rid of them, so that we cannot get rid of them. It is important to understand the natural history of head lice, the life-cycle and how they survive.  Then you have the key to eradicating them successfully and safely without pesticides.

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lice life cycle

lice life cycle

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