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Lice in School

01 December

Lice in School. There are lice in my daughter’s school and I am freaking out about the fact that she might catch it.  The lice letters have come home from the school nurse several times this fall and I am worried that by now my daughter might even have lice and I don’t know it.

Lice in School. Head Lice really appreciate the fact that, as a society we like to put our children together in small spaces every day for long periods of time. But don’t blame your school nurse for your kid’s case of head lice. Family reunions, playdates, sports, sleepovers, day camp and sleep away camp are also wonderful places to be exposed to head lice. Thanks to the fact that head lice are resistant to pesticides, lice are doing tremendously well in 2015.

Lice in School. Does your child have cousins the same age as she is? That’s right folks, those cousins spend hours together over the holidays and they love each other very much. Head lice love the cousins even more. Why? Because head lice like kids. Kids have nice warm scalps and kids are very cuddly and physical with each other.

Lice in School

Lice in School

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