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23 December

lice egg also known as a nit is the source of all head lice infestations. Is head lice running through your child’s elementary school this year? The reason is that parents do not know how to get all of the lice eggs out of their child’s scalp. Parents remove what they think is all of the nits and yet they always miss a few. Parents have a false sense of security that they have successfully treated head lice when, in fact, their child still has head lice.

lice egg. The egg of a human head louse has adapted to be undetectable by the human eye. Even if a nit is right in front of you, you won’t be able to see it because nits are iridescent. The iridescence is like an invisible cloak that makes the nit invisible to the human eye.

Iridescence is one of the oldest camouflage methods by animals studied. For centuries humans have observed and tried to decode the ways in which animals can make themselves invisible for survival. This drives parents absolutely crazy, because their child can have lice all year and never seem to be able to get rid of head lice.

The OMG Lice Comb removes all of the head lice as well as all of the lice eggs, or nits. The nits attach themselves to the hair shaft using a kind of lice superglue and are very difficult to remove. Also the nits have camouflage in the form of iridescence making the nits difficult to see. Why can’t I see the lice or the lice eggs? Most parents over age 40 can’t see lice and nits. Head lice have developed clever ways to evade detection by the human eye. Lice have had thousands of years to figure out how to become difficult to see. The lice themselves are clear like jellyfish, so if you have head lice in your hair you can’t see the lice because you look right through them. If you want help with removing nits or lice give us a call over at NitWits in Belmont, MA and we will take care of it for you. We will get you in and out of the office as quickly as possible. Not only that but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg! 617-816-9487 www.liceinfo.net

Head Lice are extremely difficult to see.  Lice have spend centuries developing powerful and clever camouflage to be able to evade visual detection by humans.  The best way to detect head lice is to use the clinically proven method of combing with a good metal nit comb.  This method is also the best and safest head lice removal treatment.

Head Lice are small wingless human parasites that make their home on the human scalp. Head Lice are incredibly well adapted to survive on their human hosts.  Head Lice have developed many successful strategies to evade detection by their primary predator, humans! These strategies include different types of camouflage for the louse itself as well as lice eggs. Lice eggs are very difficult to remove from the human hair shaft. This is no accident. Head Lice removal treatment involves successfully removing all of the lice eggs.


lice egg

lice egg

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