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head lice home remedy the omg comb is your friend

20 December

head lice home remedy. Do you have to go to the drugstore to get lice treatment? No, you can treat head lice at home. Get your hands on the OMG Lice Comb and some OMG Conditioner Solution and you are all set.

head lice home remedy. Place The OMG Conditioner Solution in the hair and start combing with your OMG Comb. At first you will see lots of tiny pepper spots. These the lice and nits that you are removing from the hair and scalp. Keep combing until you don’t see any more pepper spots.

head lice home remedy. It is necessary to used the OMG Comb because research has shown that the lice shampoo products containing chemicals have become ineffective. Parents have been led to believe that there is a quick fix for lice. Everyone just wants a magic bullet to take care of lice quickly. However you can’t get rid of lice without actually mechanically removing the nits from the hair. And guess what? The head lice have attached the nits to the hair shaft with super-glue. This makes the nits incredibly hard to remove. You can try to pull them off with your fingernails, but it is likely that you will miss a few of the nits. Why? Because nits are incredibly hard to see. Head lice have spend hundreds, thousands of years developing a very effective camouflage so that we humans cannot see them or their eggs. This is why you need to have the OMG Comb in your arsenal of tools to treat head lice at home. In fact the OMG comb is the only tool you need to treat head lice at home. All a parent needs is the right tool and the correct information about head lice. The correct information about head lice includes the fact that you do not need to clean your house or your clothes or your linens, only your child’s scalp!

head lice home remedy

OMG Head Lice Treatment Solution


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