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dogs and lice does my pet have lice

06 December

dogs and lice. Woof, guess what? Your family pet cannot get head lice and your family pet cannot give head lice to your kids. Whew! This is good news indeed for parents. Yes the guinea pig can get ear mites and the dog and cat can get fleas, but head lice cannot survive on dogs and cats, or guinea pigs or hamsters. It turns out that over thousands of years head lice have developed the ability to specify and have narrowed their desired host down to one and only one species. In addition, over the past 40 years head lice have become resistant to the most commonly used pesticide treatments.

dogs and lice. Head lice only like human hair, not dog fur and human scalp skin, and human blood. So that is one less thing you need to worry about Mom. Can our family dog get lice?  No, your family dog cannot get lice.  Head Lice only live on human scalps.  Head Lice are what is known as an “obligate” parasite.  An obligate parasite is specific to one host, and one environment on that host, and cannot avail itself of other hosts.  Dogs, cats and other household pets have their own obligate parasites such as fleas, ear mites, heartworm, etc.  We humans have 3 species of lice that are specific to humans. Head Lice, Body Lice and Pubic Lice.  Each species of human lice is genetically distinct from one another.  In other words head lice can not turn into body lice or pubic lice. Can dogs and cats get head lice too? No, your family pets are safe. They cannot contract head lice. Head Lice are only adapted to human hair and human scalps, which is very different from dog fur and hair and cat fur!

dogs and lice. Some parents want to take care of head lice themselves because they are embarrassed that their child has lice and they feel that it was their fault their kid got lice in the first place. However some parents do not want to have anything to do with treating their child for lice and they want someone else to do it. If you want someone else to get rid of your kid’s head lice, run don’t walk, to NitWits in Belmont MA. NitWits will take care of it for you and you will get the best nights

dogs and lice

dogs and lice

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