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cleaning lice from hair

12 December

cleaning lice from hair. Pesticides used to work on head lice. 40 years ago people were using DDT to get rid of head lice. Now the pesticides available are pyrethrin and permethrin, neither of which work. Head Lice have become resistant to pesticides and the lice shampoos containing the pesticides are not effective. In fact when parents utilize pesticide shampoos for lice, it gives them a false sense of security, because they feel they have dealt with the problem, when in fact their child still has lice.

We have learned through our research that the only sure-fire way to remove lice is to comb with the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb

No cleaning of the house is necessary with lice!  That’s right folks lice are not in your house. That is the wrong bug. That would be bedbugs or fleas or dust mites. Cleaning the whole house and laundry and bagging all the stuffed animals would be appropriate if you child had bedbugs, fleas or dust mites. However, you child does not have bedbugs, fleas or dust mites. So you can relax and take a deep breath.

cleaning lice from hair

cleaning lice from hair

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