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Can lice fly

07 December

Can lice fly. Head lice have many impressive abilities but one ability they do not have is the ability to fly. If you compare head lice to other insects with wings, you can see that head lice do not have wings. It is an urban myth that lice can fly. It is also an urban myth that lice can jump. As you can see in the image on this post head lice also do not have hind legs which are necessary for jumping.

Can lice fly. Head lice do not need to be able to fly. The normal behavior of their ideal host, school aged children, is hugging and cuddling and roughhousing and putting their heads together. How is it that kids like to put their heads together? Picture this, 2 9 year old girls want to play a game together on your ipad. They sit right next to each other on the couch for 45 minutes with their heads together, both staring at your ipad screen. This gives the head lice enough time and inclination to travel. This allows the head lice to simply crawl from one nice warm human head to the next. Still perplexed? Want expert immediate lice help in Boston? Contact us here at NitWits. Head lice is all we do and all we have ever done since 2004. Started by school nurse Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH, we get your child back to school in a jiffy, and we educate you on how to keep lice from coming back.

Can lice fly. Most parents find information on head lice to be confusing and lacking in practical steps to take in head lice removal treatment. The best head lice treatment involves combing, not using lice shampoo since lice have developed resistance. Many parents apply lice shampoo thinking that it makes the lice go away. In fact lice shampoo does nothing to the lice eggs, which just continue hatching.

Can lice fly

Can lice fly

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