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what are nits in hair

27 November

what are nits in hair. Nits are small eggs that are laid by head lice in on the human hair shaft, close to the scalp. To learn more about nits contact us at NitWits Boston’s Premier Head Lice Treatment experts

what are nits in hair. Most people do not understand how to get rid of nits and therefore they are not able to successfully treat head lice. Nits are very good at evading detection by humans. The human eye can not see nits because nits are iridescent. The iridescence is an effective camouflage that makes the nits hard to see.

what are nits in hair. Nits are always the same size and shape. When you comb nits out of the hair they are easy to see and look like pepper spots. Super lice do not actually exist. They are the same old lice we have always had, and they are simply resistant to pesticides.

what are nits in hair

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