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tea tree oil lice

06 November

tea tree oil lice. Does tea tree oil work to prevent head lice infestations? Any kind of oil placed in the hair can have a protective effect against lice. If you put in enough oil, the scalp becomes an inhospitable place for head lice. Super oily hair (we are not talking about dirty hair here people) becomes like a slippery skating rink for lice and they can’t grasp the hair shafts with their claws. People like tea tree oil, but it is probably more the oil that is working to thwart lice than the tea tree.

tea tree oil lice. What about preventative sprays containing rosemary and tea tree oil? These products do nothing to prevent or head lice infestations. They are all a waste of money.

tea tree oil lice. Tea tree shampoo and conditioner on the other hand can help to decrease itching of the scalp that is not caused by head lice. 

tea tree oil lice. The only thing we have found that works to smother and kill head lice is olive oil. Olive oil to treat for head lice is effective because head lice have little tubes in their shells that they use to breathe called spiracles. The olive oil is able to clog the spiracles, depriving the lice of oxygen, and slowly over time, suffocating them. Olive oil also prevents oxygen from traveling to the nits, and they start to die as well.

tea tree oil lice

tea tree oil lice

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