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lice transmission

10 November

lice transmission. Feeling a little nervous about those hockey helmets, baseball helmets and hats? Guess what? Lice are not transmitted by hockey helmets, baseball helmets or hats. Lice have highly specialized claws that hydraulically clamp onto the hair shaft as soon as they feel anything moving, such as taking off a hockey helmet, a shirt or a hat.

lice transmission. In fact lice cases drop in the colder winter months and we think that hats and helmets may in fact prevent the transmission of head lice, by not allowing as much direct head to head contact as happens during spring summer and fall.

lice transmission happens exclusively through direct head to head contact. So stop vacuuming doing laundry and bagging. In other words, stop driving yourself insane. Lice are not in your house, your school, or your car. Lice can only live on a human scalp and that is where they stay unless they see a nice warm second human scalp nearby, when they take a nice short walk over to host #2

lice transmission

lice transmission

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