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lice tea tree oil

24 November

lice tea tree oil. People ask us if tea tree oil works to get rid of lice. The answer is that tea tree oil does not get rid of lice. It is possible that tea tree oil has a minimal deterrent effect on lice. However the bottom line is once you have lice, tea tree oil has no effect on the lice or the nits.  So you can save your hard-earned cash and spend it instead on a good metal nit comb.

lice tea tree oil. Lice have been smart enough to develop resistance to OTC and Rx lice treatments. Where does that leave parents who are told by schools that they need to keep their child home until their child is Nit-Free?

lice tea tree oil. The fact is if you put enough of any kind of oil in your hair, it will make you scalp less attractive to head lice. So tea tree oil, olive oil, canola oil or baby oil will all work to make your head a slippery, slide that lice won’t be able to  navigate.

lice tea tree oil

lice tea tree oil

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