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lice no nits

19 November

lice no nits. Is it possible to have lice in your hair but no nits? Highly unlikely. Once a louse gets on your head, that louse is going to start laying eggs (nits) in a day or two. Yes it is possible that the louse just arrived and has not had time to start laying eggs, but it is very rare to see lice in your hair but no nits.

lice no nits. Most of the time you will see nits: either empty nits or full nits throughout the hair. This means that lice have been on your scalp for several weeks and the lice have had time to set up a successful lice colony.

lice no nits. What does a successful lice colony mean? It means that the lice have gone into multiple generations and produced mature pregnant females to go forth to colonize new hosts. This is how head lice have survived for thousands of years traveling from scalp A to scalp B.

lice no nits

Lice in Your Hair. Yikes!

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