We Will Outwit Your Nits

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home remedies for nits

12 November

home remedies for nits. You have everything you need right in your own home to treat lice. The only thing you need to add is the OMG nit comb. It is time to stop spending money of treatments that don’t work any more. Pesticides are no longer an effective treatment for head lice. Why? Lice have developed resistance on a genetic level to the most commonly used available pesticide treatments.

home remedies for nits. So relax and take a deep breath. With the proper comb you only need hair conditioner or olive oil to end the nightmare that is lice has taken over your life.

home remedies for nits. Colonial Americans used beef tallow to treat lice. My grandmother used olive oil to treat lice and you can too. Olive oil was used to treat body lice on soldiers in world war I.

home remedies for nits

home remedies for nits

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