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head lice in hair

01 November

head lice in hair. Help, my family of 5 has all had lice for the past 2 months. No matter what we do, we still have lice. At this point, my husband will no longer speak to me about lice. I am feeling like I am losing my mind. 

my husband will no longer speak to me about lice

Lice, Help, I am losing my mind with head lice.

head lice in hair. The school nurse says my children can’t come to school unless they have no nits in their hair. But the school nurse keeps finding nits in my kids hair and keeps sending them home.

head lice in hair. I have used the over the counter pyrethrin and permethrin treatments again and again and I don’t think they are working because my kids still have lice and nits and head lice in hair. In fact research 2 months ago confirmed that pesticide lice shampoos don’t work any more

head lice in hair

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