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advice on lice

16 November

advice on lice Do people always itch when they have Head Lice? No, people do not always itch when they have Head Lice. Most people do not have itching for the first 3 months once they’ve contracted Head Lice. This makes sense from the Head Lice’s point of view. The Head Lice do not want their host to know that they are setting up a Lice colony on their their head, until the Lice colony is well populated, and has sent out other Lice to other hosts to create satellite colonies. Then 3 months into the original Head Lice colony, the host often has an allergic reaction, which causes the itching. The Head Lice leaves saliva, anticoagulant, and anesthetic when feeding on a human host. All of these substances can trigger an allergic reaction to the bits.

advice on lice. Don’t want to spread Head Lice during your carpooling route? Don’t worry Head Lice aren’t spread by cars, carseats or carpooling kids. You do not need to vacuum your car or wash your carseats. Head Lice are very picky and only like traveling from one very warm head to another, without crossing a car seat or a couch or a bed!

advice on lice. How do I keep my kids from getting Lice from the other kids in their classroom? Other students will definitely be bringing Head Lice into the classroom. Do a monthly OMG Head Lice Comb comb-out on your kid for prevention. Just focus on your child. You can’t do anything about the other families in the classroom.

advice on lice

advice on lice

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