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advice on lice Thanksgiving edition

20 November

advice on lice Thanksgiving edition. Thanksgiving break is coming. How do head lice get passed around over the holidays? Head Lice don’t care whose scalp they are riding on. They just want to send out lice to another scalp as soon as they can. Your children get together with the children of friends or family over Thanksgiving and guess what? Suddenly your sister-in-law’s kid has spread lice to your kid. Normal kid behavior is hugging, roughhousing, wrestling, reading or watching TV together. Head Lice love this behavior and it allows them enough time to travel from one scalp to another. Pesticide lice shampoos no longer work, which is why head lice are so prevalent in 2015

advice on lice Thanksgiving edition. My mother just called and said “Don’t bother coming for Thanksgiving.” when she found out my kids have lice. Now we feel like pariahs. I feel like the rest of my in laws want nothing to do with us. They don’t understand that head lice are not spread very quickly and are not easily transmitted, especially among adults.

advice on lice Thanksgiving edition. It is a great idea to come in to NitWits for a pre-thanksgiving head check. You deserve the peace of mind when you are traveling to the relatives in New York knowing your whole family is free of lice. If you think your child might have lice or nits, call us and we’ll check the out the whole family. Happy Thanksgiving!

advice on lice Thanksgiving edition

advice on lice Thanksgiving edition

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