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Where does Head Lice Originate?

20 October

Where does Head Lice Originate? Head lice have been tagging along with we homo sapiens for about 100,000 years. It’s amazing to think that for all of those years we haven’t been able to eradicate head lice from our scalps. It’s impressive in fact. I mean you have to have just a little bit of respect for these bugs that have done so well for so long.

Where does Head Lice Originate? Just exactly how have head lice been able to survive pesticides, kerosene, gasoline, vaseline and all of the other toxic substances we have been throwing at them for millennia? Well, lice live exclusively on the human scalp. They aren’t in your house, your car, your clothing, bedding or towels.

Where does Head Lice Originate? Not only are lice on your scalp but it’s a sure bet that even while you are dousing your head with kerosene or raid, that many other heads with healthy cases of head lice are going about their business propagating their species without regard to what you are doing. Head lice survive by the magic of compounding. That is right, head lice are like a casino, they understand numerology and you don’t. Lice understand that if they can lay 8 eggs a day for 2 weeks, and their children can then lay 8 eggs a day for two weeks, and their grandchildren can lay 8 eggs a day for two weeks, and so on, that their numbers can multiply pretty quickly.

Where does Head Lice Originate? Let’s see want to help me here and do the math with me? OK after the first week the first 8 eggs hatch. Then every day for 2 weeks 8 eggs hatch. So um let’s see we have at the end of 2 weeks 8 x 14 = 112 lice on your head. It takes about another week once the lice have hatched for them to reach the age at which they can lay. OK 3 weeks after that first louse landed on your head you now have 112 lice laying 8 eggs a day, um 112 x 8 = 896.  So now you are up to 896 eggs and you can just imaging that the numbers increase logarithmically


Where does Head Lice Originate?

Lice populations in the states in pink have developed a high level of resistance to some of the most common treatments. (Kyong Yoon, Ph.D.)

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