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what is a lice nit

14 October

what is a lice nit. Nits are another word for the eggs laid by head lice. Nits are very difficult to see with the naked eye. 

what is a lice nit. lice nits are small sesame seed shaped eggs of the human head louse. The female louse can lay 6-8 nits a day until she has laid about 100 nits and then she dies. The life cycle of the human head louse takes 32 days. By the time the baby lice hatch after incubating in the nit for 7 days, they have many other siblings hatching at the same time. Over a period of weeks, the lice colony can increase exponentially. 

what is a lice nit. wondering how to remove nits from the hair? The OMG Comb is your best bet. the omg comb strips all of the nits off of the hair shaft, and is the only comb that gets out both the bugs and the eggs, thereby killing both the lice and nits.

what is a lice nit. a lice nit is laid by a head louse. Lice shampoos containing pesticides do not kill lice or nits because head lice have developed resistance to all available pesticides.

what is a lice nit

what is a lice nitLice clean hair or dirty


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