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Lice & Nits

08 October

Lice & Nits. What exactly are lice and nits? Lice are small wingless insects that happily live in the human hair, specifically near the human scalp. The entire life cycle of the human head louse takes place within 1/2″ of the scalp.

Nits are lice eggs that are laid 1/8″ from the scalp and once hatched, nits need an immediate blood meal from the human scalp.

Lice and Nits. Nits are not viable off the human scalp because they get cold are unable to mature and hatch. Even if a nit did hatch off a human scalp it would never make it back to the human scalp, the only place that a baby louse can find food (human blood meal).

Lice & Nits. Head lice are an obligate human parasite. this means they have adapted to only live on humans, specifically the human scalp. Therefore your household pets cannot get lice. Other primates have their own primate specific lice adapted to their particular bodies. Body Lice and pubic lice are two other genetically distinct lice species that humans can get, however your child does have body lice or pubic lice.

Lice & Nits. Head lice are not able to jump. Head lice have six legs near their head and no back legs, therefore they are unable to jump. Lice are able to maneuver rapidly through the hair, but are clumsy and disabled when off a human head and not able to move well. This discourages lice from ever wanting to leave a human scalp unless another human scalp is pressing directly up against the original host scalp. direct head to head contact is the only mode of head lice transmission.

Lice & Nits. Head Lice have adapted to the available pesticide treatments and have genetically mutated to become resistant to pesticides.
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Lice & Nits

Lice & Nits

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